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  About us  
  Over the years, we have evolved into a one-stop publishing centre offering a full range of services including typesetting, desktop publishing, designing and printing.
  The high-speed printing center owns the German heidelberg four-color & double-color printing machines, providing round the clock service. We are good at commercial printing, such as letter, envelope, carbon-free paper, name card, invitation card, greeting card, PVC card and portable paper-bag with advanced Macintoshpre-printing desktop system and professional designing, our designing service includes designs of company profiles, newspaper & magazines, advertising, picture album, poster and calendar. Low-price, High-speed and high -quality service are our advantage.
What we can do for you
Printing service:
including name card, catalogue, leaflet, desk calendar and so on. We has capability to handle your materials from Translation, Layout or Design (Desktop publishing), Filming, printing, Remote delivery or shipment. affordable cost and high efficiency will be ensured by your advanced equipment and internationalized team.
Multilingual Desktop Publishing Service:
With a large pool of DTP professionals, provide quality multilingual DTP service in over 100 languages. We specialize in all the major European and Asian languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, etc . also is an integrated solution provider offering wide range of graphic design, printing and binding.
Document Translation:
from more than 60 foreign languages into simplified Chinese , including English, German, French, Japanese, Arabic etc.
Website Localization:
including website translation and chinese website building as well as website content management.
Software outsourcing service:      you can also call it software localization, including translation of GUI and helpfile, engineering, test etc.

Business Card Translation Typesetting & Printing

Single or Two-Sided Bilingual Business Cards
Our Business Card Translation and Printing service is designed to offer a quick, reliable solution to your needs.
we offer typesetting, localization and full-color translated Asian business cards. This includes Japanese business cards, Chinese business cards, and Korean business cards. We also perform business card translation in over 30 different languages. Having been in business for over ten years, multilingual business cards are our specialty. Layouts can be selected from our pre-made design templates, or we can customize your current English business card to be suitable for Asian business card translation, typesetting and printing.  
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